The Duck King Sauce

We offer six varieties of cooking sauces with the authentic flavors of The Duck King restaurant. Each of our sauces can be consumed directly as a companion of various fried dishes or mixed as a cooking sauce for various dishes.

Chili Oil

Sichuan chili oil with chopped chili giving a distinctive sensation of spicy, sour and sweet blend. Suitable for every cuisine, especially Oriental Cuisine.

Can be directly consumed as a sauce for noodle, fried rice, Dimsum and others fried food or cooked as a spice of various oriental dishes.

XO Sauce

Sauces with anchovies combined with ebi (dried shrimp) that gives unforgettable savory and spicy sensation.

Can be directly consumed as with various fried foods, noodles, fried rice, and Dimsum or used as a spice for stir-fry vegetables, seafood, fried rice, etc.

Black Pepper

Made from selected black pepper with a distinctive aroma to improve the taste of cuisine, such as processed meat, seafood. Can be directly consumed for steak sauce or various stir.
Can be directly consumed as steak sauce or used as a spices for stir vegetable , seafood, fried rice, etc.

Duck Sauce

Hoisin peking sauce with sweet taste which is commonly used by many chefs for Chinese cuisine.
Can be used as a spice for variety of beef, fish and chicken grills or consumed directly as a sauce for various fried foods, chicken, and duck.